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You will need:
- A truck load of Terrasculpting tools, as many as you can but, get both temperature AND atmospheric tools, the best ones to get are Drought generators and it's opposite, and Meteor and Ice comet callers, and when you unlock them, cloud vaccums and volcanoes etc.
- Really good weapons, the best weapon you can probably get is Justa bombs, Mega Proton blasters, Anti matter missiles etc.
-Colony incredipacks
-Interstellar drive 4 or 5
-Wormhole key
-Lots of energy and refuel packs
-SOS healing pack (not it's official name, the icon is a spanner with sonar rings bouncing off it)
-Plenty of allies near your attack stations and home planets!

Top tip: Learn and understand terraforming before you run off to the Grox's territory and start killing them.
-Interact with alien races and make friends than allies, team up with them and keep up good relations to keep them in your favour, do that by trading with them, establishing trade routes, defending them against ecodisasters, giving them 100,000 sporebucks etc

 1) Buy yourself what I just listed, but the first you will need a wormhole key and interstellar drive 4/5 so you can travel to the galactic core and across the galaxy, to save yourself trecking lightyears across the arms and wasting precious energy.
2) Interact with your allies,aquaintances and colonies, and buy lots of terraforming tools, colony incredipacks, refuel and energy packs and SOS refuel packs.
3) Find a wormhole/ Blackhole and travel down each one you fine until you are near the centre, but not too near. I would advice you guys switch on the 'Allies and Enemies' filter, that way you'll see the Grox by seeying lots of red blips. If you're nowehere near the core, go straight back down the wormhole. If you want to explore, switch on the 'visited' and travel trail filters, as it's easy VERY easy, to get lost. There are lots of blackholes so also switch on your Empire filter, as it will give a line to your nearest colony from that black hole.
4) Look for the red blips i mentioned in the previous step. Take caution, enter any star in that blip and lots of ships will come and try to slaughter you. Look for tiny red blips with one or three occupied stars to start you off. Zoom in on a star once you decide, and I advice, fast repetitve abuse of the zoom in control is handy and advised for safe transition.
5) Once in the planet, get as far away from enemy ships as soon as you enter territory. If your ships are damaged, use the SOS refuel/recharge pack, it will heal you too. If you're alone, use any refuel pack. Get away, and find a loney area. Open up the terra status log, the Grox can only survive on T0 planets. If the planet is hot, use cold tools and vice versa, if the atmosphere is too lacking, use tools to bring it up and vice versa. Keep releasing these tools and let them do their work, and keep an eye on the map, as the Grox ships come fast. I mentioned lots of Terra tools, you'll need at least 4 doses, and your aim is to move the little dot on the Terra map to the middle bands. Soon you will get a notification saying you have killed them by improving the terra levels. It would help to bring 3 sets of small, medium and large plants, and herbivores, omnivores or carnivores to keep the terra-level stable, and the Grox away.
6) You can now place a colony pack down. While your waiting for your citizens to unpack, if you have good weapons, track the Grox survivors down and kill them, if not keep flying away, they'll occasionally vanish. You need to repeat these steps, so you can kill the enemy, and then make camp and recharge, refuel and buy tools for the mission.
7) Planning is key, plan a path out, and repeat those steps, but get closer to the core as you do so. My preference is to invade a Grox colony that isn't surrounded by so many stars. Then i colonise, recharge then go to another star, attack, colonise and so forth. As you get closer, you will get more and more surrounded.
8) The closer you get to the core, the more and more your ring shrinks, by ring i mean your travel range. It will get difficult, and defeat of the Grox will become harder, as the possibility of getting stranded and destroyed increases. Keep going, colonising until you find a way.
9) When your at the core, jump right in. Enjoy the prize of the game.

 Allying with the grox is another option, but it probably takes so much more time, as they trust noone and are frightened of your race or any race discovering the secret of the Core. Plus, once you're pals with the Grox, all of your allies, friends and races who haven't even met, want your blood on their hands, they will hate you and will try to kill you once they find you. Beware of this option, but they do make a powerful ally. If the risk is worth it, do it.

I aplogise if some steps made no sense, but this is my method after discovering the Grox's pathetic weakness.
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