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 Please read everything carefully. There are three to enter or choose from. You can win a canvas painting/drawing and have it delivered free, or enter the raffle competitions that win you a bust (headshot) drawing or a full illustration!

Deadlines are this coming Friday (17th April) Early and Late May!
Check my contest out on my new channel:

Prizes and judges needed!

Please spread the word if interested!
Christmas Contest!
My new profile is holding a Christmas competition, and help and entrants are needed!
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These are my characters as dogs, as i used to draw them a few years ago.I've updated them since,as i wanted them to look like actual canines and not overly humanised dogs or even sparkle dogs.

Here is a little about the families:

Devante (Family 1 from left; Top left)
</b>Devante</b> is a male wolf with brown pelt and dark brown and light brown features. He is the leader of the entire pack after inheriting the role from his elder brother Keanu (not included). He is over-sensative, scared of small insects,but not afraid to fight for territory and the protection of his pack and family. He also gets anxious around humans after witnessing them destroy partof the forest and it's. inhabitants.
 Calico is Devante's mate with grey and brown fur and blue eyes. Before marrying Devante, she was highly promiscuous, and mated with many males, especially alphas. She then settled with Devante, as everyone knows he has been barking for her attention since they met,and she eventually returned the affection.
  Ali is the elder son of the two, possessing fur like his father,but toned down due to his mother's. His personality is very loud and boistrous, and grows up to possess a very huge ego. He likes Snow (Shelbie and Koda's daughter), but being a typical guy he likes to look and drool at all of the females.
   Matthias is the younger son, and unlike his older brother, he is a calm and level headed character. However, he shares one thing in common with him, a strong like towards Snow,forming a rivalry towards the brothers. When Matthias grows into an adult, he leaves the pack to form his own.

Shelbie (Family 2-right- Top left)
Shelbie is a cream-yellow coloured dog with a bright personality. Always looking on the bright side,it'shard to bring her down. She once found a sponge cake in a park near the forest, and has craved such a delicacy since. As a puppy, Shelbie was a rebellious,fun loving kid, but grew into a wise,fun loving adult. She met Koda when he entered the pack's territory. She warmed up to him instantly, having some kind of admiration for loners and travellers.
  Koda is Shelbie's good freind and eventual mate. Koda is a runaway from a human gang, who harshly trained dogs to hunt game for their own gain and not the dogs, in which he was starved for days on end at a time. This made him very cold and untrusting to anyone. It took him a very long time to warm up to anyone,except Shelbie, her happiness melted his icy little heart.(although he was in denial).
  Snow is the only daughter of the two. Her best friends are Ali and Matthias,but she only regards them as brothers at the most, to their dismay. She meets a beta from another pack when two packs clashed, but the two liked each other as good friends, and as time passed they loved each other and had a pup together.
Jared was a beta from a rival pack,but after meeting snow he joined Devante's packand later married Snow.
  Blane is an only son of Snow and Jared. He took very strongly after his father and grandfather,but his personality is very close to Snow's. Matthias has strong feelings of envy towards the pup, as he feels the pup should have been his.  

Please can you read this journal, if I can get an account on Paypal, this would be a fantastic oppurtunity for me and you guys, I would like to open Pay pal commisions, especially pet portraits and illustrations.
Examples of my work are provided in the journal here.

Pet portraits from observation will take me longer than a day, but this depends on my work shifts around the time, University assignment deadlines and other factors, like counselling appointments etc.

Illustrations will still take me nearly as long, but might take less time, but only slightly.
Pet portraits and Paypal commisions
Please read the text above and follow the journal here.
 My new account where these comisions will take place. :iconbrysillustration:

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